Contributing to the Community

JMJ Continuing Education Fund

The Education Fund, named after the founder of Data News Weekly, Joseph Madison “Scoop” Jones, Jr., was created to provide financial support for educational opportunities to students with a low “B” or “C” grade point average.

It has been proven that in most cases students considered to be underachievers were, in fact, not properly challenged. It is truly imperative that we afford them an opportunity to excel within the system, rather than without the system.

Data News Weekly has taken on the charge and challenge to commit the JMJ Continuing Education Fund to help support the students that do not have the grade point average to acquire conventional funding. We’ve accomplished this due to contributions from sponsors shown below

The Trailblazer Awards

This program highlights 12 unsung heroes throughout the community that are carefully chosen during the year. The Trailblazers are featured in Data’s monthly impact editions as well as honored and presented with awards at the Data news Weekly Anniversary Gala in April.

Additionally, during the gala, the “Trailblazer of the Year” is announced and presented with special honors given to the most outstanding Trailblazer.

The Trailblazer is sponsored by Cox Communications Louisiana, and is a partnership bridging the gap between corporate America and the community.