Who Dat? Fans Dat!

Loyal Fans rally behind team despite loss in OT

Kaelin Maloid | 11/13/2015, 11:32 a.m. | Updated on 11/13/2015, 11:32 a.m.
A little girl with two big puffs and smooth brown skin is in a black Drew Brees jersey that hangs ...

A little girl with two big puffs and smooth brown skin is in a black Drew Brees jersey that hangs off her thin body. She has some ketchup smeared on the side of her face from the fries she just ate, and there’s a black and gold pom-pom in her right hand. She clutches her grandmother’s hand, bouncing on the tops of her toes, desperate to get in the arena. She smiles a toothy grin, revealing that her bottom tooth is missing. “Who dat!” she chants, tugging her grandmother closer into the arena.

After dropping their first three games, the New Orleans Saints of the past resurfaced to win three straight, bringing their record to 4-4 before Sunday’s game. When the Tennessee Titans took the field in the Superdome Nov. 8, they were hoping to end that streak.

And, unfortunately for the Saints, they did.

Somewhere away from the girl, there is another family—this time, it’s a man in a beat-up Mark Ingram jersey. The color is as faded as the man is tall, and the coloring on the numbers is cracked. The jersey looks well worn. On either side of him are two equally as big boys, smiling. They wore their Ingram jerseys, too. The man is grinning, like many of the Saints fans here. He sees somebody he knows and raises his hand to the man. “Who dat!”

The game, unlike the beginning of the Saints’ season, started off well. Brees was being, well, Brees, completing 28 out of his 39 passes and throwing three touchdowns. He even scored himself, keeping the ball and jumping over the pile of players for the touchdown. However, he was sacked four times and threw an interception in the third quarter meant for Mark Ingram.

The Saints, who had led 21-10, couldn’t quite put away the pesky Titans, just like the fans can’t quite put away their pride for their team, despite the loss.

“Win or lose, I’m a Saints fan, baby!” one fan shouted as he left the arena, raising his fist in the air. His shout was followed by some “Who dat’s!” from passerby's.

Being a Saint’s fan is like riding a roller coaster, according to Louisiana native Wesley Porter, who was visiting New Orleans for the game: it has its up and downs, sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow, but, for the most part, you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

“It’s a helluva ride,” said Porter. “And you’re usually worn out after the ride.”

Ups: The Saints are 4-5 after their recent loss to the Titans, but according to head coach Sean Peyton, the Saints know their problem is getting consistency, and they will be working on those areas.

Downs: The Saints are slowly proving that, at best, they are a .500 team. Battling to maintain a winning record and get to the playoffs will be difficult.

Fast: The way the ball rotated perfectly out of Drew Brees’ hand and down the field for a touchdown by Josh Hill.