Is Donald Trump the Alt-Right’s Manchurian Candidate?

Edwin Buggage | 11/23/2016, 10:54 a.m. | Updated on 11/23/2016, 10:54 a.m.
President–Elect Trump Embrace of White Nationalism by Choosing Steve Banon as Chief Advisor Sends Wrong Signal in Divided America

President–Elect Trump Embrace of White Nationalism by Choosing Steve Banon as Chief Advisor Sends Wrong Signal in Divided America

By Edwin Buggage

Americans Divided After Election

In a country that is divided after a contentious election, where people were visibly upset and as of the writing of this piece protests are going on all over America. It is truly unsure times in a divided America, where questions of who we will be in the 21st century both at home and abroad. After 18 months of fiery and controversial rhetoric; President-Elect Donald Trump in his acceptance speech spoke of trying to bring people together and that he would govern for all Americans. Then two days later the nation saw a more sober and restrained Trump with President Obama shaking hands, something that gave some a semblance of hope that perhaps the rhetoric during the campaign would not be reflected in his style of governing the country.

Shortly thereafter while not as boisterous on the television program 60 minutes he returned to some of his most controversial positions like building a wall on the southern border and many of the other policy positions he spoke of during the campaign. Additionally, in his first major appointments he has caused a firestorm, but choosing Steve Banon, his campaign chair and former Chairman of Breitbart News, a media organization that embraces the alt-right and white nationalism as his Chief Strategist. This choice while understandable in that Trump coming from a business values loyalty and Banon helped him win the election, but when it comes to governing the country for all Americans this is alarming to many Americans.

Trump: The Alt-Right Manchurian President?

Many would say that Trump’s ego caused him to run for the nation’s highest office and it is my thought that he did not expect to win, but wanted to make a statement to the establishment. But in that process I feel that Trump unwittingly made a deal with the devil by embracing the alt-right and become their Manchurian Candidate, that’s defined as a person that has unknowingly been convinced to act toward some interest. And with his appointment of Steve Banon as Chief Strategist it seems this is the case. This is not right signal for someone who wants to build bridges of understanding and get the country going in the right direction. It in fact does the opposite.

If this is the course of the country with seats on the Supreme Court to be determined and both houses of Congress being controlled by Republicans we may see attempts to turn back the clock on many of the gains so many have fought hard in the area of civil rights, women’s rights and other marginalized groups in this country.

Trump Wants to Build a Wall but First He Must Learn to Build Bridges

In this time where bridges of understanding and calm need to be front in center in our divided nation during these uncertain times, the appointment of Banon sends the wrong signal. And as opposed to this proposed wall with Mexico, President-Elect Trump is speaking of building he is already erecting a wall between the citizens of America.