They Got What They Wanted, A White Supremacy Wish Sandwich

John Slade | 4/12/2017, 2:07 p.m. | Updated on 4/12/2017, 2:07 p.m.
There was a 1956 Rhythm and Blues song by a group called the Chips entitled “Rubber Biscuit.” The song has ...

There was a 1956 Rhythm and Blues song by a group called the Chips entitled “Rubber Biscuit.” The song has a quick beat and some vocal breaks in which the lead singer explains what a Wish Sandwich was. Well I’ll paraphrase it here, “Do you know what a White Supremacy Wish Sandwich is? It’s the kind of a sandwich where you get two pieces of white bread, put them together and you wish you had some meat.” That is what many Trump voters voted for and that seems to be what they got. When Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tried to pull a repeal, and replace Gambit last week he came up short. Seven plus years of huffing, and a plan that only got 17 percent approval was the best the repeal and replace crowd could get. Plus, it seemed that the good White folks of America woke up to the fact that Obamacare is the Affordable Care Act and that they are on it. It wasn’t just for Black people who were stealing their hard-earned tax money as the right screamed for years. This time for once they saw the White Supremacy Wish Sandwich for what it was: no meat for them and steak and potatoes for the rich. But is this realization too late? A recent study by a pair of Princeton Economists, Anne Case and Angus Deaton is showing a trend of White people dying in what are called deaths of despair which consists of drinking, drugs and suicide. According to these two academicians it’s the collapse of the high paying jobs for the high school educated White workers after the Economic Zenith of the 1970’s. As the death rate among American Whites seems to rise, White European death rates are plummeting by comparison to the United States. Wait, that’s not all as the death rate for Black Americans with only a high school education has been decreasing; meanwhile the Black and White death rates converge as both groups die equally now even though Whites of the same class earn more money.

Black and Latino Americans seem to be more optimistic about their futures than their White counterparts, what is happening? Well, Case and Deaton suspect that White people are suffering from a lack of hope and it’s causing cumulative distress because of the failure of their lives to turn out as expected. I am saying this for a very good reason and that reason pertains to the White Supremacy Wish Sandwich. For generations as a rule White people were told that for most of them they were better than anyone else and the whole world was their oyster. They would always be first in line and top of the heap. For a long time, this was economically sustainable and now it’s not. Trump won over frightened White people, because he promised them their Whiteness back. To many of us, aforementioned Trump deluxe White Supremacy Wish Sandwich; can now be placed next to Trump steaks and Trump University. What the pro-business conservatives has not explained to their impressionable White constituencies is in reality; when they say the words “job creators” they might as well be saying “shoe making elves.” A business was never created to give people jobs, look at slavery, there were no jobs there but business was profitable. Profits are the points of business, not jobs. The post-World War Two Economic Boom was as some historians suggest a once in a lifetime event in American History never to be repeated. White supremacy is too expensive, sorry Mr. Archie Bunker we can no longer keep you on but we wish you luck in your future endeavors. That’s not the deal White folks thought they had. Coal jobs aren’t coming back and manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back either. It’s just cheaper to make things in foreign countries where the workforce is less expensive. Black people have been through this many times before but this is news to a great many White Trump voters who were lied to by conservatives for generations and what is happening to them is the culmination of years of racist lies. Well at least for the nuance Obamacare is safe, so remember angry White people, the Black President cared whether you lived or died. The political party you gave your allegiances to doesn’t. Now try to eliminate the White Supremacy Wish Sandwich from your diet. As for the rest of you, go online and find the 1956 tune “Rubber Biscuit” by the Chips; it’s a funny and snappy tune.