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Black Excellence in Fashion

Delaney George | 2/8/2017, 1:41 p.m.
A Black woman has the power to be as great as she dreams and achieve any goal she claims as ...

A Black woman has the power to be as great as she dreams and achieve any goal she claims as her own; A black woman is power, influence, and grace all in one. This entertainment, fashion, and business mogul is all of these things in one and a proud New Orleans native.

Rowena Kay McCormick-Robinson, Model Coach/Mentor, Fashion Enthusiast, and Part Owner of Fashion and Entertainment Powerhouse Chic Nouvelle, has worked in the industry for over 25 years, paving the way for fashion culture to thrive in New Orleans.

McCormick-Robinson made one of her first and most influential marks on fashion in Louisiana in 2010 by putting on the first Fashion Week in Louisiana: Bourbon Park Fashion Week. The showcase was the first in the area to present fashion on a larger scale and for an extended time frame. Showcasing international models, a large variety of designers and entertainment, this showcase paved the way for the New Orleans based Fashion Weeks we know today.

“Media laughed at the idea of a Fashion Week being in NOLA, saying fashion is for New York, not New Orleans” said McCormick-Robinson.

McCormick-Robinson recalled all of the criticism and skepticism she received from the critics; saying how happy she was for remaining persistent due to the “groundwork” she had done, allowing future shows in Louisiana to flourish.

“I put so much work into the showcase, I couldn’t get out of bed for a week, but it was all worth it” said McCormick-Robinson.

Aside from permanently impacting the fashion culture in New Orleans, McCormick-Robinson prides herself and focuses her business on helping others. McCormick-Robinson has mentored, trained, and managed many models over the southern region and provided them with gigs and the confidence to keep pursuing their dreams even after being turned down.

“I love to take the turned down models and help them find their niche, and groom that talent. We aren’t here to kill people’s dreams we are here to uplift them” said McCormick-Robinson.

The fashion enthusiast has made quite a name for herself and her business within the metro area. Having been involved with big name celebrities like Solange, starring in shows such as NCIS, and working with Ms. Louisiana, McCormick-Robinson and Chic Nouvelle are hard to go unnoticed.

McCormick-Robinson honors her motto of “never having a plain fashion show” by making sure that entertainment and fashion go hand-in-hand at every showcase or business venture.

“I am always striving to be the plug for fashion, it is my passion and I cannot fight that passion” McCormick-Robinson.

Chic Nouvelle will be having their next fashion show on April 22, 2017 at the St. Bernard Civic Center. The showcase will have over 150 models and a variety of designers and entertainment.