Did Donald Trump Just Self Destruct?

John Slade | 3/7/2017, 6:23 p.m.
There was a 1957 Science Fiction Film entitled “The Beginning of the End.’ It was about giant grasshoppers who threatened ...

There was a 1957 Science Fiction Film entitled “The Beginning of the End.’ It was about giant grasshoppers who threatened to overrun the earth and wipe out humankind. That film comes to mind when I think of the Trump administration. It appears that millions of giant grasshoppers are swarming the White House these days. Trump, a few days ago, tweeted out the contention that President Obama somehow ordered the phone tapping of Trump Tower in New York during the 2016 Campaign to find criminal doing on his part. This of course roiled the news media on Sunday Morning News Talk Shows. The fantastical allegations show not only is Trump not fit for the office of President of the United States, but he doesn’t know what the President does or what powers the President actually has.

Trump, by admitting he thinks he’s been phone tapped, tells us that if what he says is true, it means somebody is running a serious investigation on him or his political buddies. It also means that somebody, perhaps the FBI, convinced a judge that there was probable cause to warrant a wiretap. That means this Russia thing is getting bigger and that Trump is in trouble.

Now, where would Mr. Trump get such information? Well, it seems that on Thursday, March 2nd, there was a broadcast by Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin on the subject, and then, the March 3rd Briebart News Summary of the aforementioned broadcast. Now, there may be actual reporting on the substance of these allegations. The British Paper the Guardian reported that the FBI was rejected in its initial request last summer for a Foreign Intelligence Service Act Warrant to monitor members of the Trump cabal about possible ties to Russia. Later, the BBC confirmed that the FBI succeeded in getting a FISA Warrant on the second try, which, if true, means that the Trump White House is under severe scrutiny, such as Trump has never seen before.

Now, as to the accusations that President Obama ordered all this, well that is not how any of this works. The President cannot order someone’s phone tapped at all. Only an institution like the FBI can, and as was mentioned earlier, a judge has to be brought onboard. Plus, Obama has come out and refuted the allegations. All Trump has done is give ammunition to his enemies which are legions at this point.

Meanwhile, while President Obama was still in power about three years ago, according to the New York Times, he ordered up a top-secret project in cyber warfare to sabotage North Korean ballistic missiles, such that it would slow to a crawl their program to make nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach San Francisco. North Korea missile tests began to fail one after the other. By doing so, American antimissile efforts gained invaluable knowledge. The disaster resulted in Mr. Kim, the Leader of North Korea putting to death one of his high security officials. President Obama did this in secrecy, asked for no credit, and didn’t boast about it even if it would’ve helped him politically in the 2016 election. All the while, being called cowardly and weak in his foreign policy dealings, he did his duty to the country of his birth as President of the United States. This information came out while Trump complained about his baseless allegations against President Obama. But the question remains: As Michael Flynn resigned from the position of National Security Advisor and Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescues himself from any Investigations into this White House, one must wonder who is next. We lost a great President on January 20, 2017. We gained a President who is more concerned about the check he is going to lose from the cancellation of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” than he is about the security of this country. Meanwhile, the giant grasshoppers of growing scandal mass outside the White House. One can ask, is this the beginning of the end of the Trump Presidency?