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Keith Hart: Living and Giving in the Key of Life

There is an old adage that states ‘music is a universal language.’ In the case of Music Educator Keith Hart, it is a bridge that connects young people to overcoming obstacles

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Michele Brierre Jean-Pierre: A Holistic Prescription to Saving a Community

Michele Brierre Jean-Pierre, is a woman dedicated to giving back to her community. She is the Executive Director of the Ellis Marsalis Center, located in the Lower Ninth Ward

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Adonis Expose' Zulu King 2017

Exclusive Interview with Data News Weekly

For over a century the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club has evolved from its early beginnings in 1909 parading on Mardi Gras Day through the Black communities

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Love Is the Answer…Who Cares What the Question Is

His velvety voice is recognized all over New Orleans, accompanying the sounds of smooth soul. Born Gregory Vigne, but known to his dedicated listeners as “Papa Smurf

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Stride Towards Freedom: The Legacy of M.L.K. and Barack Obama and Keeping our Eyes on the Prize

As I look back on that windy and frigid day on January 20, 2009, it was a day our nation celebrated both the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Weekend and the Inauguration of the Nation’s first African-American President,

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The Holiday Season in New Orleans

A Special Time of the Year in America’s Most Unique City

While in other parts of the country people are singing Christmas Carols in the traditional way; in New Orleans, the dissonant sounds and melodies

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King Zulu Elect 2017 Adonis C. Expose' Annual Birthday Celebration & Toy Drive

King Zulu Elect 2017 Adonis C. Expose' held his 18th Annual Birthday Celebration & Toy Drive on Saturday, December 10, 2016 at the Roy E. Glapion, Jr. Reception Hall.

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What We Must Do To Stop The Violence In Our Community

The City of New Orleans has made national and international headlines due to excessive gun violence, including the Bayou Classic-Weekend shooting and the recent shooting of the former

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Troy Carter: A Life Dedicated to Building Bridges in our Community

Selfless and service are two words that describe Troy Carter; a man who has dedicated his life as both a public servant and private citizen to helping others.

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Is Donald Trump the Alt-Right’s Manchurian Candidate?

President–Elect Trump Embrace of White Nationalism by Choosing Steve Banon as Chief Advisor Sends Wrong Signal in Divided America

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