It Takes A Village

Edwin Buggage Editor-in-Chief A Tale of Two Cities New Orleans is an amazing city, known for its unique culture and lifestyle that is laid back and appreciative of her people regardless of their social standing. […]

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Weekend Vibe

Tracee Dundas Fashion Editor @fashionablyyoursnola Fashion Story – Fashion Editor: Tracee Dundas | @fashionablyyoursnola New Orleans Fashion Week | @neworleansfashionweek_ Photographer: […]


HB 652 Passes Senate

Rep. Cedric Glover’s HB 652 Bill Passes Senate, Decriminalizing Small Possession of Marijuana Louisana Democrats Democratic Representative Cedric Glover’s HB 652 passed the Louisiana Senate this week by a vote of 20-17. HB 652 decriminalizes […]