Earth War

July 28, 2021 LA Data News 0

Dionne Character Entertainment Columnist When Hip-Hop Rappers J. Character and 7th Ward Shorty decided to collaborate on the song Earth War, neither of them had an idea that a masterpiece created by the two would […]

The Evolution of the Bikini

July 14, 2021 LA Data News 0

Tracee Dundas Founder, New Orleans Fashion Week Throughout history numerous circumstances have dictated society’s fashion landscape, causing people to pause and take note. Such as the case in the 1940’s, as World War II forced […]

The Essence of A Woman

June 30, 2021 LA Data News 0

DIONNE CHARACTER | Female Empowerment Columnist There’s something magical that happens when we come together on one accord celebrating being Black and beautiful, strong, and bold, with the intentions of becoming more confident, embracing the […]

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