The Right Choice

March 19, 2021 LA Data News 0

Terry B. Jones Publisher, Data News Weekly It is time for Citizens to again go to the polls and vote. As Publisher of Data News Weekly… “The People’s Paper”; it is my view that we […]

Drew Brees Announces Retirement

March 19, 2021 LA Data News 0

Fleur De Lis Data News Weekly Contributor Sunday’s during football season will not be the same when the Saints begin its season later this next year. Drew Brees, one of the greatest QB’s in league […]

Coming 2 America

March 11, 2021 LA Data News 0

Eric Connerly Data News Weekly Contributor Everyone is talking about the much anticipated Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America. It is a film that’s hit the streaming jackpot once it was released on March 5th and […]

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