About Us

Over 50 years ago, Joseph “Scoop” Jones began publishing a weekly journal, chronicling the lives of Black New Orleanians, telling the stories that would not be told in the mainstream news journals and papers, but information which was important to him, and to his community. Data News Weekly was born out of the midst of the turbulence of the Civil Rights Movement with it’s clear mission to be “The People’s Paper”.

Now approaching its 51th year publishing, Data News Weekly has continued to be “The People’s Paper,” throughout the changes that have occurred over the past 5 decades.

Who could have foreseen the unprecedented challenges that would face our community today? New Orleanians have been forced to leave their homes due to the flood that destroyed the Crescent City, scattered far and wide, they have struggled, but with great determination to stay connected to their city, their homes, their neighbors and their community. As always, Data News Weekly has been here for its readers.

Much has changed about New Orleans, but Data News Weekly has remained a constant in the lives, diligently reporting the news that matters to this great community. Data News Weekly, has taken on the charge to reach out to our readership wherever they are, as historically, we have been the trusted news source of information for our people. Data News Weekly is keeping our community connected, and in its own way, is continuing to do its part in changing the heart of America.

Now more than ever, Data News Weekly speaks to New Orleanians, when it matters most, and now more than ever, Data News Weekly is “The People’s Paper”!