Teddy’s Ready

October 11, 2019 LA Data News 0

Fleur De Lis Data News Weekly Columnist What’s up NOLA, again it’s ya people Fleur De Lis, giving it to you about how the Black and Gold is on a roll. They are tearing through […]

Spoken Word Artists Use Words For Change

October 11, 2019 LA Data News 0

Story and Photos Lacee Ancar Data News Weekly Contributor The artists needed no introduction. “I wear an exclamation point as my name,” proclaimed Poet Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes, one of the featured performers at “A Night […]

Millennials Weigh In on Election Season

September 25, 2019 LA Data News 0

Mark Veals Jr Data News Weekly Contributor With statewide primary elections on Oct. 12, and 2020 presidential elections already in full swing, political candidates have been making their case to young voters. One simple reason: […]

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