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My grandmother’s love was like ruby-red shoes with sprinkles of glitter attached to a 6-inch heel with sweet melodies from morning birds singing atop broken tree twigs, jazz on the back porch, and the smell of fresh cornbread. She inspired me to follow my dreams at an early age, as I have always been a brave girl who could visualize, write it down and make it happen simply because I was given the freedom to fly.

Empowerment comes from within as it propels your imagination to fly beyond your circumstances. Today may feel like the end of the road but it is only the beginning to a new start. No matter how far down you may think you are, you can always rely on those inner skills planted at birth when the universe decided to make your life worth living.

When life brings you challenges and changes on a silver platter, you have to listen to your heart and move forward. Surviving is full of ups and downs, joy and painful lessons that will lead you through to the next level of obstacles, forcing you to change your pattern of thinking as you begin to live outside the box.

Woman, you were born to survive setbacks and obstacles. You have the strength in your vertebrate to bend and make all things happen because you are magic, and your life is a source that the world needs to keep moving forward. It is time for you to awaken your inner spirit and make it happen!

It’s time to start your new business, it’s time to change your diet, it’s time for you to scream into the mirror and wake up your beautiful soul. It is time to do it right this time while you still have a chance to focus on yourself. It is time that you seek encouragement, aligning your dreams with other like-minded boss women who can teach you how to free your mind and fly free.
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