Stop Shattering Your Own Glass Ceiling

Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist

A many of us are still allowing others to hold us back from shattering our own glass ceiling. Blaming our mothers and fathers who maybe didn’t have the wherewithal to teach us as we continue to hold on to all the things that didn’t go right, as we close doors in our own faces not realizing that at some point, it ain’t your momma’s fault for your failure.

Ladies, wisdom lives within all of us. You have to make a decision to believe that there is a stronger force that surrounds you. A strength, that will never let you fall without cause. You have to trust your own heart because if not, you will never be able to soar because your baggage will continue to prevent you from shattering your own glass ceiling of hope, love, forgiveness, dreams and creativity.
Don’t wait another minute or an hour to start loving you. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Give yourself permission to be happy. Go out and meet more powerful Sistas.

Open your mind to fellowshipping with more women by attending a fundraiser. Start a circle, unite women together as you build your own community of glass shattering women who will continue to grow because you planted one seed.

Be brave and go help pave the way for another woman to rise. Give yourself permission to reach beyond the stars because all things are possible when you recognize your purpose.

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