With This In Mind, It is Time for the My Brothers and Sisters Keeper

Rebuilding our City will Take All of Us

Terry B. Jones Publisher, Data News Weekly

The City of New Orleans continues to rebuild in the face of IDA and the destruction it left behind. Data News Weekly in our role as “The People’s Paper” feel it is our duty to give you news that you can use as our great City recovers.

As the power have been restored to the City, many have returned to damaged homes and businesses to assess damages, making plans moving forward. Yes, these are truly uncertain times for our City and its future. But of course, there is our secret ingredient, that shines through in the face of adversity, and that is the optimism and resilience of the people of the City, which is always evident during these tragic events.

It is time for people of the City to come together to show the best of who we are, and truly be “Their Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper”. And many are opening their hearts and taking the time out to help others.

This tragedy has left some without resources and they must rely on the charity of others. In New Orleans, we see local elected leaders, churches, civic groups, and others lend a helping hand by having food giveaways and providing information for those who are trying to get much needed assistance to rebuild.

In these times, where we are not only experiencing the impacts of IDA, but COVID-19, it will take all hands-on deck to make our City whole again. This means that the tribalism and self-interest by some who lead which sometimes gets in the way of getting things done must cease.

New Orleans is a City with a great, rich history and way of life, but we must decide to become a place where all zip codes matter, and that those with the least get the most to make them whole. To give them a bridge to opportunities and hope to contribute to make the City a better place for all to live.

Especially, in these times where we are in the middle of an election cycle where we will be choosing our elected leaders, who will represent us and our interest. This is important to note because it’s “our” interest that matters most. It is time for our City to take a quantum leap forward to become a City that does not continue to marvel in its glorious past but work to build a new and brighter future. One on which all can prosper.

However, this will take a change in how things are done on many levels. That means shifting the priorities of how resources are spent. Which neighborhoods will get the help they need to improve the quality of life and opportunities for its residents?

This rebuilding effort gives us the opportunity to rethink how we can improve our City and re-imagine it in new and innovative ways. But to do it where all can prosper it will take all of us working together to make our City better for all of our citizens.

We at Data News Weekly, will continue to inform, educate and inspire the people of our City in our role as “The People’s Paper.

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