New Orleans Funk in Hollywood, The Mint LA

August 7, 2019 LA Data News 0

Diva Dionne Character Entertainment Columnist Los Angeles – CA  The Capitol of Entertainment, bright lights and beautiful faces,  tacos trucks on street corners, fresh cut fruit sprinkled in cayenne pepper, the smell of cannabis in […]

Satchmo Summer Fest

August 7, 2019 LA Data News 0

Satchmo SummerFest was an amazing event as the attendees from around the world enjoyed performances by many of the greats of New Orleans Music and Data News Weekly […]


August 7, 2019 LA Data News 0

Jay Conner Blogger With the encouragement of our President, America has gone to great lengths to paint minorities as criminals, parasites and in some instances, terrorists. But after the latest pair of mass shootings […]

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