3 Reasons Why You Should Try Fulani Braids This Summer

Braids and natural hair have been paired since past and current natural hair movements. Throughout the decades since the 1960s, braids have been a way to reveal your afro-centric style or non-conforming personality. In 2017, thinner braids are beginning to make a comeback through the rediscovered “Fulani Braid Style” that was first spotted on the Singer Alicia Keys in the early 2000s. 

This style originates from braids worn by the women of the Fulani Tribe that is scattered across Niger, Nigeria, and other West African countries. They are readily identified by the forward-facing braids that sit above each ear with attached colorful beads. Cowry shells and gold braid cuffs can also be incorporated into this hairstyle for creativity. 

Here are 3 reasons why you should rock Fulani braids sometime this summer:

1. Fulani braids are a great protective style if you want to give your curls a rest in the summer heat. They can protect from dryness and even promote growth due to low manipulation. 

2. This the perfect way to display your admiration for African Culture and style.

3. Fulani braids are ultra-feminine and go well with any outfit from casual to elegant and depending on how you adorn your braids with beads, gold, or shells you can add flair to any wardrobe. 

Happy Growing!

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