A Beautiful Mess

Dionne “Diva” Character Data News Columnist

Women – Some of us Ain’t got no Daddy, some of us ain’t got no mothers, some of us ain’t got enough confidence in ourselves and almost all of us prance around like peacocks in full bloom walking tall like palm trees on boulevards, slinging our hair with grace, stretching our long legs like everlasting rivers of intuition splashing upon uneven rocks, wearing badges of disappointment and grief; yet we still ponder flying low like crows in deserts looking for love in all the wrong spaces, in places that will always be too small for our minds because we have never been healed from broken promises yet—we expect a man to be God when we are A Beautiful Mess of colors going outside the lines of a picturesque tale.

Chaotic, we have become not realizing before we can love anything we must focus on all the things we need to discard of our own like old shoes with crocked heels , breakups —not salvageable holding us hostage from healing as we wear crowns full of broken promises yet, we still search for true love with high expectations those that will never be met because we have not cleaned up our own closets, housing ugly thoughts as we bring shame upon men not realizing they ain’t God, while we throw stones at glass windows we’ve created.

We must fix up our own houses before we shatter the lives of men, those who will never be strong enough to carry all of our burdens when they too have dusty rooms of their own; some that have never been thoroughly cleaned by their mothers and grandmothers.

You are beautiful, strong, and resilient. You got your mind. You got a smile, and you got a heart. Walk beside a man, let him be your strength. Realize that you have to rid yourself of your own beautiful mess before you can strip a man of his goodness.

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