A Mindful Summer

DIONNE CHARACTER Female Empowerment Columnist

Honey, this summer you need to make it all about you because you’ve gone hard and steady proving you are indeed everything, when it comes to being a strong successful woman. You have survived school closings, a pandemic, the loss of friends and family, and you’re still here.

Stop letting things hold you back from taking a vacation, sending the kids off to a relative’s house or scheduling quiet time because you are too busy making arrangements for everyone else’s life.

Realize your true power and tap back into the things that bring you joy and peace. Become your own muse and follow your heart. Find something you haven’t done and just go for it and do it! Make yourself a bucket list and say it so because you deserve happiness and freedom.

Start meditating, drink more water, take a walk or meet a friend for a snowball. There are so many things you can do as you maintain your happiness during a long hot summer. Try and improve your peace of mind, no matter your surroundings. Start journaling as you visualize a summer of ease and fulfillment.

Build your own sanctuary and let your creativity guide you. It’s time you reconnect with self and start using your positive energy to empower you to do more for you this summer. Change your diet, clear your head, and set some new intentions as you boost your overall attitude knowing, this summer, you will love you more as you live your life to the fullest.

Dionne Character can be reached at www.characterhollywood.com.
Realize your true power and tap back into the joyful things

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