A Mockery of Democracy 2020 Part 2

The Salvation of a Nation: E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many One)

Edwin Buggage

Edwin Buggage

The time is now where our citizens will decide the future direction of our nation and most importantly our Democracy. It is in these uncertain days that we will either try to reset who we are as a nation; to heal and rebuild continuing our experiment of becoming a more perfect union or sink deeper into the abyss of division and resentment fueled by the rhetoric and actions of a president whose sown the seeds of chaos that threatens the stability and standing of our nation.

When thinking of this President who may decide to shirk the long tradition of the peaceful transfer of power if he were to lose the election. Or of a president who for the past four years haven’t even attempted to set the tone to be the president of all the people. I as many others have seen someone who has the impulses of a dictator and displays narcissistic, sadistic characteristics and does not exude an ounce of empathy towards his fellow citizens. This type of leader who has a lack of character and compassion is dangerous for our Democracy.

Therefore, it is important to change the course and that means more than simply electing someone else, but for the citizens of this nation to realize that while many have come here on different ships, today we are in the same boat as Americans.

This was on full display as I went out to vote, as I witnessed people from all walks of life waiting for several hours to exercise their right to vote. This was very refreshing, especially because among the throngs of voters I saw African Americans and many young people patiently waiting to let their voices be heard at the ballot box.

In this moment I could only imagine those who came before us, like the late John Lewis who fought for the rights of African Americans to vote and fully participate in American life looking down with a smile at the amount of people who were civically engaged. And that today there is a movement where people from all races are moving closer to realizing that we are all part of the human race and that Black Lives Matter in a nation that once saw a people denied access and excluded from the family of humanity.

Of course, today this fight continues, but more are aware that people are more alike than different and that while political ideologies may differ most people want many of the same things. But the question becomes for our nation in these fragile times is how do we get there? Where people are talking at each other and not to each other, and where empathy for others plight or points of view are disregarded or de-legitimized in a fog of misunderstanding.

This is not the world many of us want to live in. So, it is in my view, very important if we are to continue our journey to not restore but continue our journey to amending our way to Democracy begin to open our ears, hearts, and minds to our fellow citizens.
To in the 21st Century move past polarization, hate and incivility. To understand that we are not red and blue states, but we are the United States of America. And that we can have family disagreements, but in the end we the people can come together for the common good and progress of our nation. And to realize that most issues are not Black or White, and that compromise in a pluralistic nation is the way to progress.

E Pluribus Unum (Out of many one) is included in the seal of the United States. Today we must revisit what this means in the 21st Century. That yes, we are from many places and have many viewpoints, but we are one nation. So, let’s begin to re-erect bridges of understanding and civility in our politics and everyday lives.

For it is not only possibly a solution, but perhaps the salvation of our nation.

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