A Positive Path

DIONNE CHARACTER Female Empowerment Columnist

This summer, why not set some goals as you focus on reigniting your life with a fresh start, especially, while the kids are out of school. Tap back into your purpose as you set boundaries for the next season of your life, stepping out of your comfort zone because Chile, it is time for you to unwind, reward yourself, breathe and unclutter your mind from your daily routines.

Perhaps, you can recall a time when you gave your all and your all was not enough. This experience could have resulted in you feeling less worthy of deserving what you want after setting goals, which somehow did not reward you with what you thought you were going to receive in the end. This experience may have altered your path, and not for the better.
Forgive yourself and realize that you did set goals, you accomplished those goals and brought your dream to life like the strong woman you are. Embrace any mistakes and use those as tools to set you back on your positive path as your mental health is very important.


  • Choose a morning. Set aside some time for yourself. 15 minutes will make a difference.
  • Start writing. Don’t think too hard as you jot down things you’d like to accomplish.
  • Be kind to yourself. Plant some flowers and watch them grow.
  • Be patient. It may be hard to put yourself first, but you deserve it.

Focus on being happy. Recognize the things you can’t change and develop a routine that will set you back on track because it is time to heal, restore and lift your spirits. You have what it takes. Now, go and start your new path to happiness.

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