“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

Renée Dugué Co-Founder Reborn and Rising

From Desire to Purpose…A Dreamer’s Journey

How do you grow up at a time in the city considered the murder capital of the country and still have warm memories that make you smile and laugh? Growing up in The Desire, compared to most, we were poor boys and poor girls, who loved Po’Boys and Beignets, and playing outside until the streetlights lit up on both sunny and rainy days. Rainy days were my favorite. I loved playing in the rain. I’d splash in every puddle I found, make it home soaked, smelling like a wet puppy, and be welcomed in with a warm smile or quick smack (Momma’s mood depending), a dry towel, and always something good to eat. Those were the days. Growing up free and fearless, protected by a village of elders who made it their business to mind ours.

We were kept safe by GrandMaws, GrandPaws, neighbors, NaNans, Aunties, Uncles and Parans, Big Cousins, The Candy Lady, and even The Watermelon Man. They had wisdom for days! Most times shared in clichés that I was too young or stubborn to understand. Sayings about your left-hand hiding things from your right-hand, multiple baskets for different eggs, when it rains, it pours…and my Grandma would say April showers bring May flowers not just in April, which made no sense to me then. But Oh BayBay! Best believe I get it nah!

Saved by God’s grace and mercy, standing on the shoulders of my Mother and Grandma, I survived the storm of statistics that poverty pours, leaving The Crescent City on the waves of Hurricane Katrina and washing up in The Bayou City. Truly understanding that water is life, I no longer fight against its currents. Instead, I dance in the rain, the way I used to as an innocent child, knowing that all showers bring flowers. Be encouraged to do the same with passion and purpose on your path. As you bring flowers to your Divine Feminine this Mother’s Day, be mindful in each moment as you celebrate. Whether you gather physically or spiritually, purpose to see, hear, and feel their love as truly perfect. Our women are our backbone, our caretakers, and miracle makers. They’ve weathered storms that watered seeds and produced the most beautiful blossoms. Their creations are magical.

Their greatest being YOU! Let’s give our Mothers their flowers daily, as we honor them in all that we do.

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