Black Lives Matter

Race In America 2020

Edwin Buggage Editor-in-Chief

Traveling the Road to Freedom
The country is at a crossroads as civil unrest and protest around the nation and world are taking place.
In these pressing times for America we hear the demands for justice, fairness, and equality. Within these collective cries, three words that have come to define this new movement “Black Lives Matter.”

Across the globe, people are united, and are rallying around the cause of the human rights of Black people in America. In this are truly troubling times in the country for the last three years have had someone in the White House setting the tone for division with rhetoric reminiscent of the worst of times for the nation where segregation and intolerance were the law of the land. It was a time where lady liberty light of freedom did not shine on Blacks.

Erasing Racism and Making History
Today, it seems the collective voices of those who want to be on the right side of history are telling this shrinking part of the population that they will no longer tolerate systemic racism against Blacks. And while this is admirable, the road to move this nation towards eliminating racism is not as simple as the issue of police reform, removing Confederate Monuments, or changing the names of streets.

However, these are important, and the breaches in human decency cuts far, deep, and needs to be looked at beyond just this moment in time and come up with sustainable solutions that will last. For example, we cannot repeat the mistakes of our past that’s not lent itself to solutions in matters regarding racial relations.

We cannot repeat the end of slavery and Reconstruction when the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments and Reconstruction, that led to advances of Blacks in all areas of life. Then before the end of the 19th Century segregation and Jim Crow was the law of the land.
This was also the case more recently when the country decided to give hope and change a chance with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Then, eight years later took a 180 degree turn and elected Donald Trump. Something some would argue is a direct result of many Whites uncomfortable with a Black President.

For this reason, we cannot deny that race is front and center in the United States and have shaped many polices, customs that’s historically excluded Blacks from experiencing the American Dream. In the 21st Century and in the year 2020 the vision for America should be that decency and the unfettered right to self-determination and justice is afforded to all Americans and the time is now.

Black Lives Matter: What Are the Goals?
This is the most important part of Black Lives Matter, that Black People can live as all their fellow citizens do without having to worrying about the collective knee on their necks of racism and ill-treatment. It is refreshing to see that decent people of all races across the globe are standing up. It is equally important in this moment that Whites decide to stand up to the bigotry that is within their own ranks. It is a good first step to protest; but to examine the idea of whiteness itself and White privilege in solving the problem of racism.

It is interesting to note, that early on some had a problem with the term Black Lives Matter, but today it’s become the rallying cry for human decency and civility. This is a movement that’s time have come, but it is equally important to note that what are the measurable? What are the goals when we think of progress for the Black community? Ultimately, how much time will it take for a nation to decide to finally become a nation where “We The People” actually includes Blacks.

The Meaning of the Dream in 20/20
That yes Black Lives Matter and are part of the human family. It is befitting following the death of Civil Rights Icon, John Lewis; that another movement has been birthed being led by young people, who have a different vision for what they want their America to look like.

It is in this year 2020, that a corrective vision for America is taking shape and it will only be a matter of time to see how this movement for change takes place. But the future of the nation and how it is shaped is in the hands of the people who are making history in the struggle for freedom of all people.

Today this is closer to becoming a reality as a generation have taken the words “Black Lives Matter to mean “Free At Last”.

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