Black Men of Labor Jazz Legacy Honors Gala and Jazz Concert

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The Birthplace of Jazz and Jazz a National Art Treasure rooted in the Black Experience to what is now a global treasure. Jazz continues to be a source of inspiration and creativity, due in large part to the Honorees of the Black Men of Labor. Black Men of Labor will honor and pay tribute to them on October 20, 2023, at 7:00pm at the Sheraton Hotel Armstrong Ball Room.

Presented by the Black Men of Labor, New Orleans Iconic Cultural Bearers and in partnership with the New Orleans Culture and Tourism Fund will celebrate the commitment, dedication, creativity, and contributions of the following Musician’s.

The Gala will be dedicated in Memory of Peter “Chuck” Badie and Edward “Kidd” Jordan.

We are inviting everyone to come out and celebrate over eight hundred plus years of educating, mentoring, performing, and living life. Ticket price is $100 per person, visit to purchase tickets.

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