Brandy Galmon: Shola International 504

Providing Hope from New Orleans to the Motherland

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In an inspiring tale of compassion and dedication, Brandy Galmon, a native of New Orleans, has taken her commitment to giving back to a global scale, leaving an indelible mark on both her city and the world.

Brandy’s journey began with a humble desire to help those in need within her own community as a registered nurse, after graduating from Dillard University. “Always do more than what is expected of you.” says Galmon. Her extended vision to impact beyond local borders began her journey to seek out how she could not only make the difference but be the difference!

After going on a mission trip to Ghana, Brandy was moved to take action. She flew home, tied up loose ends with establishing her organization and prepared to introduce Shola International 504 to the world. “Shola”, a Nigerian name meaning “One who is a blessing to many” served as a foundational theme in her efforts to build a safe haven for people being affected by a multitude of healthcare disparities. Shola International 504, aims to reduce poverty and health disparities. Steadfast in her vision to build a world where all impoverished communities have full access to high quality health, education, and opportunities to thrive. Brandy’s organizational goal is to be a beacon of hope to the hopeless, the homeless and the heartbroken.

Shola International 504 is rapidly gaining recognition for its innovative approach to humanitarian work. One of its most notable initiatives is known as Shola’s House. A safe space to many, this house is dedicated to making a tangible impact on maternal health in Ghana. Its mission is to improve the well-being of expectant mothers and newborns in underserved communities by providing accessible healthcare, education and support. With a deep commitment to reducing maternal mortality rates and enhancing maternal care, Brandy aims to create a positive and lasting change in the lives of women and families. This approach not only helps the mothers in Ghana, but also promotes self-sufficiency and economic growth.

Currently, Ms. Galmon is working on establishing viable networks with local and international hospitals, cultural entities and universities to build a bridge of support between Ghana and New Orleans. Brandy’s efforts have not gone unnoticed on the global stage. In early 2023, she was invited by Pivolution Hub to speak at Pivolution Hubs Venture Connect in Ghana. Her speech highlighted the importance of health and wellness and individuals taking action to work together to address global challenges.
Because she is from a city known for its many festivals, Brandy has helped produce Ghana’s Groove Fest 2023, which will highlight the birth of Shola’s House. In September of this year, she will be bringing along several local artists including Sunni Patterson, Paco Troxclair and Kodi Glapion. This effort creates an environment for people to be exposed to global issues and participate in fundraising activities while fostering a sense of unity. Brandy organization’s vision is to strategically plant Shola’s Houses in different regions and cater to their respective disparity.

When asked about her motivation, Brandy humbly states, “Every day I wake up with 2 things… a chance and a choice. Most days I put more emphasis on my choices because that’s what determines my destiny.” Her dedication serves as a testament to the power of one individual’s passion and determination to create positive change on a grand scale.
As Brandy Galmon continues to expand the reach of Shola International 504’ and inspire others to give back, her story resonates as a beacon of hope and a reminder that ordinary citizens have the potential to create extraordinary impact, both at home and around the world.

“God is always in the details”. ‐Brandy

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