Fashion, Fluidity, Feminism and Pharrell

October 17, 2019 LA Data News 0

Maiysha Kai Writer “I am my most comfortable self when I’m being a character,” says Pharrell in his cover story for GQ’s “The New Masculinity” issue, where the producer-entertainer-designer dons what this writer immediately […]

Travel Wear Reimagined

July 17, 2019 LA Data News 0

During the 2019 New York fashion showcases, Shangani Fashions reimagines fall-winter styling for the modern traveler. The brand emerged on the New York runways starting in 2017 by redefining women’s travel-wear with a contemporary African […]

Style & Energy

August 22, 2018 LA Data News 0

By Samjah Iman I was once the girl who would always claim she had nothing to wear when it came time to get dressed for an occasion. I would often go out and buy a […]

The Power of Lashes!

July 18, 2018 Delaney George 0

By Delaney George A full face of makeup is now a thing of the past thanks to lashes. Makeup is more complicated today than ever before. There are more steps than a little when it […]

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