A Hawk’s Eye for Fashion

September 22, 2020 LA Data News 0

Tracee Dundas Fashion Stylist Like most African American households in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s clothes were often acquired as “hand-me-downs” from a sibling, or the skillset of sewing was taught by the family matriarchs; the […]

Fashionally Yours NOLA

March 11, 2020 LA Data News 0

Tracee Dundas Data News Weekly Contributor BARE ESSENTIALS Little else in needed when wearing jewels with luscious embellishments, touches of gold and are able to stand on its own to make a bold statement.   […]

Women’s History Month 2020

March 5, 2020 LA Data News 0

Data News Weekly Staff Edited Report It is truly historical times for women not just in America, but across the globe come together. The Me-Too era has made women’s voices and demands for equality and […]

Fashion, Fluidity, Feminism and Pharrell

October 17, 2019 LA Data News 0

Maiysha Kai Writer theroot.com “I am my most comfortable self when I’m being a character,” says Pharrell in his cover story for GQ’s “The New Masculinity” issue, where the producer-entertainer-designer dons what this writer immediately […]

Travel Wear Reimagined

July 17, 2019 LA Data News 0

During the 2019 New York fashion showcases, Shangani Fashions reimagines fall-winter styling for the modern traveler. The brand emerged on the New York runways starting in 2017 by redefining women’s travel-wear with a contemporary African […]

Style & Energy

August 22, 2018 LA Data News 0

By Samjah Iman I was once the girl who would always claim she had nothing to wear when it came time to get dressed for an occasion. I would often go out and buy a […]

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