Coming 2 America

A Funny Re-Boot of a Great Film Starring Eddie Murphy

Eric Connerly Data News Weekly Contributor

Everyone is talking about the much anticipated Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America. It is a film that’s hit the streaming jackpot once it was released on March 5th and is becoming one of the most-watched and talked about streaming debuts since theaters closed a year ago.

This franchise that’s so nostalgic is a feel good flick for a date night or a small gathering of friends.

The 33-years-later sequel “Coming 2 America” has Murphy and much of the cast from the original film, but one of the standout performances is from Wesley Snipes, who is over the top military dictator of Nextdoria.

While a mature Murphy lets other shine, he still shows his comic chops are on full display. This is a film that is a good escapist entertainment during COVID-19, a time with many sad and uncertain days.

Coming 2 America, is something to just give your mind a break and kick back, relax, laugh and enjoy.

So it is recommended that all check out this great film that is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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