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Data News Weekly Says Vote “YES” for PW Parks and Recreation Millage Renewal

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Vote YES for the Future of New Orleans

It is again springtime in New Orleans. Which means people across our City will be outside using the many amazing parks and other outdoor facilities enjoying the Big Easy and all it has to offer its citizens.

On May 4, 2019 there is millage proposal renewal on the ballot and Data News Weekly believes it is good for our City and we encourage our readers and citizens across the City to get out and vote YES to PW Parks and Recreation – 6.31 Mills Tax.

Get Out and Vote

Early Voting is from April 20-27 and we are encouraging our citizens to get out and vote for this millage renewal because it is something that will benefit all our citizens in a positive way.

Data News Joins in Support of Millage to Improve Quality of Life of all New Orleanians

We are supporting this because we believe as many elected officials, civic groups and citizens from all walks of life who have endorsed it feel this millage renewal continues to move the city in a forward direction. Data News Weekly believes that having more places for our young people to experience the joy of being outdoors as well as the museums, programming and the many educational, sports and recreation and enrichment experiences that the Audubon Institute and the New Orleans Recreation Department offers is of the utmost importance in building the future of New Orleans and increasing the quality of life for everyone in our City.

We have outlined for our readers information about the millage and why they should vote YES:

Not a New Tax

• Not an increase in the tax rate, a renewal and reallocation (6.31 mils for parks and recreation more equitably distributed among Parks and Parkways, NORD, City Park and Audubon Commission)

• The 6.31-mill tax is a re-allocation of current millages that allows for a more equitable fair share of taxpayer dollars. The renewal supports four park partners: Audubon Commission, the Department of Parks and Parkways, The New Orleans Recreation Development Commission and City Park. This would be the first time that City Park would receive funding if the millage passes.

How it Benefits the Community

• Increase in funding for NORDC and Parks & Parkways—NORD will be able to increase programming and Parks & Parkways will be able to increase services to the community.

• If the millage passes, the 20-year agreement would be have an immediate impact that will provide more equitable access to parks and recreation and more equitable funding of Park Agencies.

• The partners will work together to implement storm water management practices to alleviate flooding.

Good Government and Accountability in Action

• Transparency and accountability for all 4 park partners with regard to how the funds are spent—regular interagency meetings and collaboration, as well as two community meetings a year to receive feedback from the community on parks and recreation in the City (this is set forth in the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement signed by all parties).

• This collaborative effort was developed in partnership with the Trust for Public Land, a national leader in parks and recreation advocacy. Better maintenance and improvements for green infrastructure, safer parks and positive recreational alternatives and improved quality of life for all.

Positive Impact on Quality of Life for All Citizens of New Orleans

• Collective impact to every neighborhood in the City—parks and opportunity for recreation improves our quality of life

• When the parks and recreation operators in this City work together to offer more access, more programming and improvements to our green space, the benefits can be seen City-wide

• Better maintenance and improvements for green infrastructure, safer parks and positive recreational alternatives and improved quality of life for all.

Early Voting Sites

City Hall

1300 Perdido Street, Room 1W24

New Orleans, LA 70112

Algiers Courthouse

225 Morgan Street, Room 105

New Orleans, LA 70114

Chef Menteur Voting Machine Warehouse Site

8870 Chef Menteur Highway

New Orleans, LA 70126

Lake Vista Community Center

6500 Spanish Fort Blvd.

New Orleans, LA 70124

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