Cyril Neville’s First Performance Since the Pandemic

Dionne Character
Data News Weekly Columnist

Recently, Cyril Neville gave an intimate performance at The Magnolia Mansion in New Orleans, while being accompanied by a three-piece band surrounding his soulful voice as the hard wood floors withstood the crowds of people who were eager to get back to the music of New Orleans since the COVID-19 Pandemic and the loss of live music throughout the streets of the birthplace of Jazz.

This heartfelt performance included songs by Louis Armstrong, along with the debut of a serenade to his wife, Gaynielle Neville, singer, songwriter, and poet.
The room was full of guests celebrating the freedom to enjoy music up close and personal once again. This performance proved to be something very different for the Grammy Award Lifetime Achievement Recipient, Cyril Neville, as he too was amazed by the reception of the people who danced and clapped for so many reasons, as he delivered a dynamic performance. Perhaps, we will in the future be able to catch more intimate settings by Cyril Neville, a man who has been performing as a percussionist and vocalist for most of his life as a member of The Neville’s and The New Orleans Meters.

Cyril Neville’s voice and style is rare and unique. He has become a giant in the entertainment industry while remaining meek and humble to those who will forever enjoy his music.

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