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Get Out and Vote on November 3rd

Terry Jones

Terry B. Jones Publisher, Data News Weekly

As the Publisher of the New Orleans Data News Weekly and over 50 years in our role as “The People’s Paper” we encourage all our citizens to get out and vote this election season, one that will decide who will lead our nation for these are truly crucial times for our country.

This Election is the Most Important Election in Modern Times
Let me say that this is the most important election in modern times; so, it is important for everyone to get out to vote because every vote matter; it can make the difference as to who gets in office.

Right now, of course everyone is keeping their eyes on the race for President, but there are several local and state races and constitutional amendments on the ballot that are as equally important. So, as we see all this activity and conversation around voting, we must begin to let this become something we always do when election time comes around.

We Need Both Experienced Leaders and New Faces to Make our Community Better
We have looked at those running in various races and decided to endorse the candidates listed because we believe they are the best qualified to fill these posts and will work diligently and be dedicated to service and putting the needs of their constituents first.

Some are incumbents with experience in how to get things done and have been assets bringing resources to our community. While others are new to politics and provide the fresh perspective that is sometime necessary to facilitate positive change.

Voters Matter More than Ever
It is in these times that we get to the polls in record numbers because the future of our democracy is at stake and we must have leaders who will be responsive to the needs of the citizens. Especially now given we are in the middle of a pandemic as well as uncertain economic times. And getting to the polls is one way that we can change our community for the better.

We can no longer afford not to go to the polls. We have seen on the local, state and especially on the national level what happens when we do not vote. We have seen this for the last four years where assaults against Black progress have taken place under this administration.

In the last election if more African Americans would have voted across three states, we may not be having this conversation and the nation may be headed in a vastly different direction.

I am encouraged as I see long lines of people voting in record numbers. But for those who have not already voted get to the polls on Election Day. Also, if you can encourage others to vote as well. We must let our collective voices be heard at the polls.

Voting and Shaping the Future
Again, we are asking all of our readers and citizens across the City to get out and vote; for it is our hands that will shape the future of our City, state, and nation.

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