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By Terry Jones

New Orleans get ready to get out and vote on Election Day November 6, 2018. Data News Weekly, in its role as “The People’s Paper encourages all citizens to get out and vote. These are very important times for our City, our nation and our world; and we must do our civic duty and cast our ballots. It is in these times that the future of our Democracy is at stake and we cannot sit idly by. Today we must make a stand against those who are trying to set back the hands of time on our historic gains. So, we at Data News cannot stress enough…Get Out and Vote.

U.S. Representative Louisiana Second Congressional District: Cedric Richmond
Cedric Richmond is the incumbent and has been at the forefront of many of the important issues that affect people not just in his district, but throughout the country. He has risen to become a voice to be reckoned with as the Chairman of the Black Congressional Caucus and championing many causes especially around issues of Criminal Justice Reform.

In a statement on his website he says, “I am committed to reforming our broken prison system to save taxpayers money and give individuals who have paid their debt to society a second chance. Outside of his work on Criminal Justice Reform he’s focused on legislation that invests in education, economic growth and jobs.
Over the years as an elected official at the state and national level Richmond has proven to be an effective and courageous leader for the people of Louisiana Congressional District 2 and for this reason Data News Weekly strongly endorse him and ask that when you cast your ballot vote for Cedric Richmond, a proven leader we can trust.

Clerk of Civil District Court: Chelsey Richard Napoleon
Chelsey Napoleon is someone who has a proven record that she is the best qualified to be the Clerk of Court of the City of New Orleans. An office she’s been working at since 2002 balancing her work there with earning her law degree from Loyola University, College of Law.

Presently, she is serving as the interim Clerk of Court and doing a great job filling the position after longtime Clerk of Court Dale Atkins ran for another position. Napoleon has served as the Chief Deputy Clerk for over 11 years and has been responsible for supervising an average of 175 employees.
She has been responsible for many facets of the office including: daily operations, staffing, finance, human resources, payroll and expense control. In this race there is no doubt that she is the most qualified and competent person to fill this office. Because of her experience from day one she can go in and do the job of Clerk, servicing the people of New Orleans.

Clerk of First City Court: Timothy David Ray
Timothy David Ray is a breath of fresh air and part of a new breed of leadership that the city needs at this crucial time for our city. Ray has the right mix of skills, intelligence and vision to serve as the Clerk of First City Court.
Presently, he is already serving as the Interim Clerk and is receiving high marks for his tireless work ethic and working with the staff and citizens that come into the Clerk’s office. More than simply a public servant Ray, who is an attorney by training, gives back providing pro bono services to citizens of the city and has worked on issues including homelessness and education. In addition, he is involved in helping the next generation achieve greatness as an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at the University of New Orleans and is also a mentor to young people around the city.

We at Data News Weekly believe that Timothy David Ray is more than capable to fill the job of Clerk of First City Court and serve with honor, dignity and integrity. We believe it is important that we support some of our young people running for office that can bring fresh ideas to the table and a different style of leadership that can lead us into the future. For these reasons, we ask our readers to support Timothy David Ray for Clerk of First City Court.

LA Amendment 2 Unanimous Jury for Non-Capital Felonies: Yes
This is the time to change a Jim Crow Era Law that’s placed many Blacks in jail. The infamous less than unanimous jury votes in felony trials. An archaic law that only Louisiana and Oregon have on the books that allow in the case of serious felonies a non-unanimous verdict.

In Louisiana, a jury can find a defendant guilty of murder by a 10-2 verdict. This rule has been on the books since 1898 and been part of the reason that Louisiana has been for many years the world’s prison capital. These laws have affected many people and their families in our community. It is time to finally abolish this unfair law in our state.

We at Data News Weekly think this is a very important issue and advise all our people to get out and vote YES on this amendment.

Get Out and Let Your Voice Be Heard…Get Out and Vote

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