Data News Weekly interviews with Heaven 106.7 FM Radio Personality

Isabel Davis the Award Winning “Traveling Worshipper.”

By: Glenn “Chayil” Jones @hebrewstateofbeing Data News Weekly Contributor

Mrs. Davis is a well-accomplished Gospel singer who has traveled the world giving the gift of song known as “The Traveling Worshipper.” After winning the 2018 Prayze Award for “Best International Album of the Year” she relocated to New Orleans from her Hometown of San Antonio and commutes back and forth to this day to bring her spirit, energy, and love of the Most high through the Airwaves via Cumulus Broadcasting first New Orleans FM Gospel Station 106.7 Heaven launched September 14, 2021. With her purpose filled, busy schedule Mrs. Davis made time to sit down with Data News Weekly to speak about her new endeavor, Radio and how the new cockpit seat fits and where is she driving her listeners to Monday thru Friday 9am till 2pm?

First, we asked how did her singing career and becoming a radio personality align?

Isabel expressed that her management (Safe Haven Mgt.) company and J’Micheal Francois the Program Director and an on-air personality himself for 106.7 discussed talent for the soon to be launching 106.7 Heaven. Isabel says “This (radio personality) isn’t something I said I wanted to be the next…but I always pray to God, if you are going to open that door, I won’t be afraid, I’m going to walk through that door. I’m always praying to God for opportunities. So, when I see these things happening, I say ok I know you heard my prayers.”

Now that the opportunities have aligned, and you are in a new cockpit how does it feel?

Isabel: I will say anything new can be scary. First, I was like ok God are you sure, you know all these little doubts, but as my father said if you feel those nerves that means you’re still humble.

Isabel also expressed that early criticism and vulnerability served to only build her and make her stronger in trusting in Him.

Isabel: “So, here’s the thing I have to start the day, every show with the Holy Spirit by inviting him into the show. Because I believe literally if he gives you a platform to use your gift, your voice than be sure to include him in that right?

Where are you driving your listeners?
Isabel: My prayer was ok God as I do my part by studying the greats and learn what they do well, my other prayer is Lord teach me how to do it, because I don’t want to be an imitation. God makes originals! right? So, it doesn’t start out as this smooth thing as you say once you’re in the driver seat, it’s always knowing I’m not alone God you’re with me, you’re guiding me, leading me, I’m walking in step with you because you’ve already laid the path for me, I’m just walking in it. You always want to put your best foot forward but as you mentioned there’s the travel, I’m a mom to three little ones, a wife, a minister, and it’s a lot and it feels like a lot of hats, but I always try to utilize everything that happens in my day and include it on the show. Because to me there is nothing more engaging than to be transparent. On days that it’s not a going well (perfect day) and saying it just like that. I hope your morning is going well mine hasn’t but we’re going to get through this together. It’s something to be said when people can just be who they are and show that and share that. Someone’s going to relate to that, so they’re tuned into the right place, and we are going to play all their favorite songs and we are going to encourage and uplift them and that’s really the goal.

Last Question, what has surprised you the most?

Isabel: How much I love it and how I find it so exciting! What I love about it is the encouragement from listeners are so presently surprising. Encouragements like that comes when you least expect it. But for me it’s always been at the right moment when I needed it.

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