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It is that time again where our citizens are being asked to go to the polls and vote. At the time of writing this early voting is going on from November 27th through December 4, 2021. We are asking all to get out and vote.

In the run-off election cycle, we are endorsing candidates, who have experience in elected office as well as displaying competent leadership. Also, we are spotlighting some who are emerging as future leaders for our city. It is my belief that this is a winning formula for our city moving forward. To have visionaries, who are battle tested and have experience, with others, bringing a fresh set of eyes to City government.City Council District E: Oliver Thomas

In the Race for Council District E, this is one that many are talking about. The return of Oliver Thomas, we are endorsing him because he is what is needed right now. We need a bold, passionate, and competent voice on the New Orleans City Council. He has the experience understanding City Government in a holistic way, something that is important in District E, which is an area that since Hurricane Katrina, hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Oliver Thomas is someone who can give this District a leader who can work with all the people of the district regardless of their background. He is a proven leader, with a record of excellence.

City Council District B: Lesli Harris
In the Race for City Council District B, this is a race where a fresh new voice is on the horizon. Lesli Harris, is someone who has the energy and vision to bring together the people of many different interests in this diverse district. This is what is needed now, a bridge builder who can get more young people and disaffected people to the polls. To give them a voice on the council that’s not tied to political organizations and the politics of old, but a fresh and progressive approach to governing. As an attorney, she’s focused on young people and equity. Something that is much needed in a city, where our young people need advocates that can collaborate with communities so that all our citizens can have routes to success.

City Council District C: Freddie King
In the Race for District C, Freddie King III is a fresh new voice that’s making an impact as an attorney and working to improve the city in business and civic activities. He is someone that’s already working in many of their areas that the city needs moving forward; most importantly of these are economic development and the education. He’s also worked as the Director of Constituent Services in the district, where he’s had the opportunity to meet with residents across the spectrum. In this work he’s spoken with the people about the various issues that affect them on both sides of the river. He is the bridge that connects the East and Westbank. We are proud to announce this new voice of change for the City of New Orleans.

City Council District D: Joe Eugene Green
In the race for New Orleans City Council District D, Data News Weekly is endorsing Eugene Green. He emerged as the leader during the primary in a crowded field. Green has experience working in city government, as well as being a business leader in New Orleans. He has the all the right things to lead District D moving forward. He understands what this community that is demographically changing, while continuing to be a district full of historic African American neighborhoods and residents. Green is the one candidate that understands how to balance the influx of newcomers, and longtime residents, by building brides around common goals of a better district for all.

Clerk of Criminal District Court: Darren Lombard
In the Race for Clerk of Criminal District Court, Darren Lombard has the experience that matters, and is competent, and has the integrity that this job requires. He’s previously worked as a Deputy Clerk in this office. Presently, he is serving a term as Clerk of Second City Court, doing an excellent job improving its efficiency, transparency and developing partnerships. He is also civically engaged working the Silverback Society and Fore!Kids Foundation, mentoring and inspiring the next generation of future leaders of the City of New Orleans. Darren Lombard is a leader on many levels in our community, and we are asking all to support him on Election Day.

New Orleans Criminal Sheriff: Marlin Gusman
In the race for Criminal Sheriff, Data News Weekly is endorsing Marlin Gusman. He is one who continues to provide stellar leadership and vision for the New Orleans Parish Prison. He is tough, yet reform oriented. During his time in office, he continues to win re-election because he knows how to get things done. Gusman is an effective leader, who can bring people together and take as holist, big picture approach to leadership. This is why we are endorsing Marlin Gusman, a proven leader for Criminal Sheriff.
Data News Weekly is Encouraging All to Get Out and Vote!!!

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