Data Strut Award Winner: Iyanni Davis

By Delaney George

Being a model is more than your high heels, and beauty. Being a model is being a live display of how to be, a model shows the way, and 17-year-old Iyanni Davis is the epitome of just that. Davis is Data’s first Data Strut Award Winner and the student by day, and model 24/7 has been modeling for over four years.

The St. Martinville native made her first modeling debut in a denim photo shoot and immediately fell in love with her craft. Since then, modeling has led Davis to be featured in shows like NOFW and NYFW.

“When I’m on the runway it feels, amazing—-the room just turns black, and it’s just me and the cameras which are like my mirrors, I love it,” said Davis.

When she’s not ripping the runway, she’s teaching others how. Davis, along with her runway coach Dutchis, dedicates her time to teaching younger aspiring models proper runway etiquette. Davis admires most of the top names in fashion such as Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks and says the key is to study your craft.

“I pay close attention to the people who inspire me, even the way they hold themselves on social media, confidence is key, but you must know your craft,” said, Davis.

Aside from her modeling life, she values things like family, respect, discipline, and humility in her everyday life. Davis believes a humble model is the best model and she appreciates modeling because of the confidence it’s given her over the years.

“Growing up, I was a tomboy, I did not have the confidence I have now or the belief I have in myself like I do now, and that is why I get chosen. My confidence today is something I can’t hide. When I’m on the runway I can’t hold that back” said Davis.

As a model coach, Davis wants all young ladies to remain themselves and to love themselves. She wants girls to understand how important inner beauty and personality is in the fashion industry.

“It’s not always about your modeling talent, but who you are as a person makes a huge difference in getting picked. The way you treat people matters, so you can’t just rely on your outside beauty if you have ugly ways” said Davis.

In the future, Davis plans to audition to be on America’s Next Top Model in hopes of taking her modeling career further. Davis also plans to be in NYFW for a second time later in the year.

“I received the same love at those shows as I do at home and it inspired me to go back. Doing NYFW boosted my confidence all the way up and made me feel like WOW I can really do this,” said Davis.

For more information on Iyanni Davis and her modeling career follow her Instagram @IyanniDavis. #TeamYa

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