Early Voting Begins Oct. 25th thru Nov. 1st

Troy Carter

Data News Weekly’s Endorsements

Terry B. Jones Publisher New Orleans Data News Weekly

It is that time again where our voters are going to the polls to choose who will represent them in key elected offices. Data News Weekly in our role as The People’s Paper would like to encourage all to get out and vote. In this issue we are making our first round of endorsements with more to come. We are asking all to get out and vote for the following candidates.

U.S. Representative – 2nd Congressional District
Troy Carter

U.S. Congressman Troy Carter is the undeniable choice for this seat. His representation in Washington, D.C., is one where he’s shown he has the competence, vision, and maturity to serve the constituents of the 2nd Congressional District. Before entering this office Carter held several important elected posts and is a civic and business leader.

During his time as a congressman, he’s worked on legislation that’s addressed important issues such as infrastructure, climate change, racial justice and voting rights for all. Additionally, he’s helped the district in getting hundreds of millions in federal dollars that would have a positive impact on the 2nd Congressional District.

In these contentious times we need a leader with experience, integrity and know how to get things done. That is why it is important to send Troy Carter back to represent Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District. We are asking that you go out and vote for a proven leader on Election Day.

Royce Duplessis
State Senator 5th District
Royce Duplessis

Royce Duplessis is a committed leader who has served with honor as State Representative in District 93. In his time in office, he’s been on the frontlines fighting for and delivering resources to the district. Also, he’s been able to reach across the aisle to get things done. Senate District 5 needs someone who will represent all the people and not just a selected few. Duplessis is a servant leader who has done just that as an elected official in addition to his work in the community.

Serving in District 93 since 2018 he’s made an impact in the areas of public safety & criminal justice, in health, in the economy, in culture, in issues that impact youth, education and housing. Specifically, these are some of the things accomplished by Duplessis:
• Played a pivotal role in abolishing non-unanimous juries by helping garner bi-partisan support for the bill in the State Legislature and then working will stakeholders to have non-unanimous juries outlawed through a Constitutional Amendment.
• Extended the state’s 10% Earned Income Tax Credit another five years from its current sunset, ensuring families will have access to the enhanced credit until 2030.
• Worked to create the Louisiana Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which incentivizes businesses to hire re-entrants participating in work release programs. Stable jobs for formerly incarcerated people are one of the best ways we can reduce recidivism and combat crime.
• Required K-12 schools to integrate preventive mental health measures; the relationship between mental health and physical health; brain health, emotional health, identifying trauma and stress, and the impact of trauma and stress on mental health and physical health; and resources and services available to assist people with mental health issues, into Health Class Curriculum.
• Ensured the state-level protection of the Louis Armstrong Park Authority and Historic Jazz District.
• Helped empower renters who, through no fault of their own, may have been evicted during the Pandemic.
We believe Duplessis’ impact on the lives of the people he serves will be even greater if he is elected to the State Senate.

Clerk First City Court

Donna Glapion
Donna Glapion is making her first run for an elected office. Recently, she served in an appointed capacity on the New Orleans City Council filling the unexpired term of Jason Williams. If elected, she vows to make the clerk’s office at First City Court efficient and effective.
Specifically, she plans to make the office more accessible by creating a Claims Filing System that is easily accessible to the public. Also, she is focusing on improving customer service by Ensure Staff readily available to provide records and information to the public that is necessary for court proceedings. Finally, if elected Glapion, would like to make the office more efficient by executing punctual processing of all cases. Create a process for easier claims filing.

Vote for Donna Glapion for Clerk of First City Court.

Data News Weekly is encouraging all to get out and vote during early voting that’s taking place from Oct.25th thru Nov. 1st and on Election Day on Nov. 8th. Let your voices be heard at the polls.

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