Embracing your fine, thin natural hair

Fine haired women represent the diversity of natural hair. Photo via www.curlsunderstood.com.

Far too often, new naturals are exposed to social media pages and blogs that feature naturals with thicker, coarser hair. This hair tends to look more like a lion’s mane and is the epitome of being a natural woman in 2017. The ideal natural has hair that, even with shrinkage, still falls down at the shoulders and can reach great heights with just a few passes of the afro pick.

However, those women, although beautiful, do not represent every natural. Many women have fine hair that tends to have a thinner appearance when worn curly. When braided without added hair, the braids or twists can come out much thinner with less volume. This hair tends to need more help to increase volume if that is what the wearer desires.

Fine natural hair is beautiful in its own right and does not need to be manipulated to look thicker in order to emulate the quintessential natural woman blasted all over social media. Here are some care methods you could try incorporating into your regimen if you have finer, thinner natural hair:

1. Natural hair tends to be weighed down by heavy butters and oils. Try using light butters and oils to add moisture.

2. Add a protein treatment once a month or every few months to help strengthen your hair.

3. Try to avoid extensive heat. A blow dryer should only be used on the medium or low setting. A flat iron should not be placed on your hair higher than 350 degrees.

4. Use the LCO method after washing. This is the Liquid, Cream, and Oil you use when applying your hair products. First wash the hair, then apply your leave in, and then an oil sealant to lock in the moisture.

5. Try to air dry the hair instead of blow drying.

6. Always protect the hair when sleeping using a satin pillow case. Fine hair has a greater risk of breakage.

7. Wear protective styles to reduce breakage.

Happy Growing!

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