Family and Friends of Slain 20-Year Old Orin D. Grant, Jr. Along with Elected Officials Gathered to Wage War Against Gun Violence

‘Stop the Violence’ Prayer Vigil and Rally

Eric Connerly Data News Weekly Contributor

Joined by local elected officials, the family and friends of slain Orin D. Grant, Jr. took their fight for justice to the next level by securing the united engagement of law enforcement and the community at the ‘Stop the Violence’ Prayer Vigil and Rally.

The objective of the ‘Stop the Violence’ Prayer Vigil and Rally was to provide a platform for local residents and elected officials to work in concert to combat armed violence. According to a Jefferson Parish Crime Statistics Report, the crime rate for the first half of this year was 78.7%. It is imperative that the community and law enforcement work together to end senseless murder.

“Losing my son to violence has been extremely heart-wrenching,” said Reverend Dr. Orin D. Grant, Sr. “This rally for justice for my son will create a space for everyone to put aside any differences they may have and unite as one to get criminals off of the streets and secure justice for all.”

Organizers of the ‘Stop the Violence’ Prayer Vigil and Rally hoped to bring visibility to Orin D. Grant, Jr.’s story and others like it.

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