FILM REVIEW: Fatal Affair


Eric Connerly Data News Weekly Contributor

As more people are staying home these days streaming services are the way to go in terms of entertainment.
There is a film now streaming on Netflix called Fatal Affair, that is a must watch.

It is a suspense/thriller starring Ellie (Nia Long), as a corporate attorney who is making some changes in her life. In the film she’s left her corporate job to begin her own firm.

She’s moves to a beach town with her husband who is a successful architect. She also has a daughter who is a college student at the Prestigious UC Berkeley. Then enters David (Omar Epps), a tech expert who Ellie hires as a consultant for a client.

Then without giving away what happens it becomes a movie where; obsession leads to a suspense filled movie with many twists and turns. Imagine a Black Fatal Attraction.

This is a great date night movie while doing Netflix and chill. For fans of Nia Long, she does a great job in this film and is still beautiful and captivating on screen. Also, Omar Epps is great in this film and shows his range as an actor.

It is great to see a film in a different genre that shows African Americans being successful professionals and upwardly mobile.

In closing, I say that streaming service have allowed many films that haven’t gotten into theaters to have a place to be viewed. And while some of them including this one doesn’t have all the Hollywood bells and whistles as far as production it is still good escapist entertainment and a great outlet for independent film for viewers to enjoy.

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