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“Celebrating Our Phenomenal Women”

Renée Dugué, pictured with women of the Small Soppo Village in Buea, Cameroon 2020, walks daily to raise awareness and funds to provide clean water to Africans in need. Also a Licensed Massage Therapist based in Houston, TX., her practice provides in-person and virtual healing services. Visit to connect and learn more about her personal philosophy of healing through helping, and to support her WALK4WATER Campaign.

Renée Dugué Founder, Reborn and Rising

As Earth’s natural new year, the Vernal Equinox, approaches, how apropos is it that we celebrate Women’s History in March. Flowing into 2021 and The Age of Aquarius, shifts are already evident. Newly elected feminine melanin poppin’ in D.C., N.O., and all over the country has inspired much-needed hope after 2020’s losses. Women are the backbone, the caretakers, the waymakers, and the change drivers that no society on this planet could exist without, and for the next twenty-one hundred fifty years, it’s our time to shine!

I can’t even imagine growing up in New Orleans without the women that shaped me. I literally reference or quote my maternal Grandmother every day. She had such a profound impact on my Daughter, that she named my Granddaughter after her. My Gram-Maw was something else! I’m sure yours, along with all the other women in your life were too. Drawing from our Ancestors’ and Earth’s collective consciousness, these Divine Intuitives knew and had what you needed before you even knew you needed anything! Just like Aquarius, The Water Bearer (depicted as a man, but we know better LOL), they brought life! Their water pots bathed our bodies, healed our hurts, quenched our thirsts, and fed our souls AND stomachs. How they knew to do that voodoo…transforming a pot of water and scraps into a world-renowned delicacy. Who’s gumbo recipe is your favorite? Whether it’s your Big Momma, Mamee, Ma Dear, Maw Maw, Mimi, Mother Dear, Nana, Grammie, Queenie, Teedy, or your NaNan’s, they all (in my best Juvenile impression) knew how to make nothin’ into somethin’! And it was all good Ha!?!

Our women walked their walk, danced their dance, sang their song, told their story…living lives that made history and impacts that still resonate with each of us. Emitting light and high vibrational energy, elevating our consciousness, heightening our creative and healing abilities, expanding our awareness and understanding of our obligation not only to those in our village but to love all of humanity, our phenomenal women built the platforms we stand on and blazed the trails we’ve surpassed. Their creations were magical. Their greatest being YOU! Be encouraged to honor them daily in all that you do, as you journey on your path that your loves will follow.

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