From Desire to Purpose…A Dreamer’s Journey

“It’s Hot In Here! Are You Summertime Fine?”

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Renée Dugué Co-Founder Reborn and Rising

With the heights of heat soaring as we reach our deep Southern summer, I’m reminded of life in The Desire, and somebody saving us from sweltering by opening the fire hydrant, blasting us with cool water. Illegal and all, those were the days and just another way we beat the heat. My skin stayed perfectly tanned, while my lips were permanently stained red by the candy lady’s tropical punch flavor frozen cups. My favorite, second only to my Momma’s condensed milk vanilla cream! Life was simple and oh so sweet then. Now, as we’re wrapping up July, feeling more than 400 Degrees, Nelly plays in my mind on repeat…” I am gettin’ so hot, I wanna take my clothes off!” You too! I know right!?! But are you as summertime fine as you resolved to be last December? Let’s do an internal temperature check to assess where we are, where we desire to be, and what we need to get there.

Grab a notebook and pen to capture thoughts as you reflect on the intentions you set for this year. Be encouraged and purpose to be kind to yourself as you identify areas that need improvement. Transparent Moment: Hi, my name is Renée, I’m an addict. My drug of choice is sugar. Although I have relapsed on my journey, I choose to forgive myself. I am grateful for another day to make better choices. This is my Step 1: Realizing that Our Creator woke me up this morning, not my alarm. This signifies grace, mercy, and forgiveness, and should serve as the ultimate encouragement to continue on our paths, by letting go of the past and focusing on right now. So, as you access and identify, take moments to celebrate your self-awareness and desire to know better and be better. This is my Step 2: Acknowledging that the more intentional I am in my desire to be who I am purposed to be, the more I will attract what I need. Like how in my pre-diabetic sugar struggles, the stars aligned to connect me with Percy Robinson Jr., who transformed himself, rising from a diabetic coma to living insulin-free within one month, healing himself with nature’s medicine, fresh and whole foods. He’s maintained his dedication not only to his health but also to others, becoming a Vegan Chef and Cookbook Author, known for his amazingly tasty recipes, demonstrated weekly on YouTube @DiaBeastKitchen.

I’m truly grateful for our friendship, as Percy reminds me daily that we are what we eat, and I remind him we are also what we intake mentally, spiritually, and physically. Be encouraged to connect with kindred souls that inspire and empower you to fulfill your purpose, holding you accountable, yet not expecting perfection. That is my Step 3: Balanced and whole is the goal. Not perfection. Balanced and whole will have you living your best life, feeling free and summertime fine all year round, no matter what the weather is!

An LMT based in Houston, TX, Renée Dugué provides massage, holistic healing, and wellness coaching services. Visit to schedule an in-person or virtual session, learn more about her personal philosophy of healing through helping, and support her nonprofit Reborn & Rising’s WALK4WATER Campaign.

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