Get Out and Vote Election Day November 18, 2023

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Terry B. Jones Publisher, Data News Weekly

It is again time for us to go to the polls. We at Data News Weekly are encouraging all votes to get out and let your voices be heard on the ballot. During the primaries, we did not get out and show our collective power, and now we have to spend the next four years considering having a Governor who may not prioritize African American issues in the State of Louisiana.

These are in fact critical times as we will soon be in the Presidential season, where our apathy could lead to a lessening of our Democracy and the rights for which we have fought. It is time now to consider this as we enter the election on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

We at Data News Weekly are endorsing the following candidates:

Shaun Mena: State Representative District 23
In his first run for political office Mena brings an outlook that of forward-thinking and is a bridge-builder. He understands the importance of bringing people of different backgrounds together and getting results. It is in these times that we need coalition builders like him in the changing demographics of the city. One who understands the needs of those who are natives to the city, and those who are newcomers.

He understands the people of District 23, working as an attorney, small business owner, and son of hard-working immigrant parents from Honduras. Growing up in the inner city, he understands the needs of the residents. He is truly the best choice for this race and will provide leadership that the district needs now and into the future.

Lindsey Cheek: Attorney General
The State of Louisiana can ill afford to have an Attorney General who has views that mirror the former officeholder, and now Governor-Elect Jeff Landry. Therefore, it is necessary for the voters to consider electing Lindsey Cheek as Attorney General. She is tough but practical regarding the issues of everyday Louisianians. In her practice, she continues to take on special interests in those who put larger corporations and donors before the interest of the hard-working people of this state.

We must decide that the red Republican wave that has become Louisiana politics must become balanced. If not, we will see policies that are counterproductive to our community. In this office, it is truly important because those who are the most vulnerable need an advocate. This person is Lindsey Cheek. We are asking our readers to please give her your vote in the race for Louisiana Attorney General.
Data News Weekly is encouraging all to please get out and vote on November 18, 2023.

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