Louisiana Governor, New Orleans Mayor Declare State of Emergency

Last Night, the Office of the Mayor reported that the Sewerage and Water Board lost service of a power turbine that powered the remaining operating pumps in the City of New Orleans. With rain in the forecast, the East Bank of New Orleans remains at risk for flooding.

In a press conference earlier today, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced that he had signed a declaration of emergency for the City of New Orleans and Governor John Bel Edwards signed an emergency declaration for the State of Louisiana.

Landrieu said that the City’s pumps are operating on the city’s last power turbine. Turbine 1 went offline last night after a power an internal fire broke out. The Board has Turbines 3, 4, and 5 listed as not operational and put under maintenance.

While rain is in the forecast, the Office of the Mayor assured the public that the pumping system will be able to handle typical rainfall. Using Energy power, The board announced that 38 of the 58 substations are in operation.

Due to the fragile state of the pumping systems, the Orleans Parish School Board closed all parish schools for August 10 and 11.

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