Happiness: You Only Get One Life

Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist

People may never understand your happiness and why your dreams continue to flourish when they ain’t got nothing tangible to hold up against your endeavors spearheaded by God as you let your outer world be filled with your inner soul.

People in their selfishness may never see the long nights of blood, sweat and hours of hopefulness you give sowing seeds — the ones they eventually see standing tall like palm trees as they are filled with grief thinking all that you have accomplished fell out of the sky like rain drops upon dry skin as they try and steal your joy during the midnight hours when you are constantly working to keep your dreams alive.

Happiness is a personal experience and until you become grateful for the tiny things, you will never manifest those golden opportunities of satisfaction, subjective to tapping into your own discernment.

You have one life and in that life you are responsible for you, yourself and all of your dreams as you prosper into an abundance of new days of accomplishments, doing what you love becoming more fulfilled and inspired to continue to make a difference, setting yourself aside from those who are afraid to live aloud.

It’s time you start making money doing what you love inspiring young minds as you move forward. You are a beautiful soul with a lovely future. Separate yourself from those who are stuck if you have to. Reset your goals and plans as we move forward into another season of uncertainty from this world.

Begin your year of happiness in this one life you have to live today. Do not continue to put your dreams and hopes in the hands of men who will never understand the mind of a woman.

Dionne Character can be reached at characterinhollywood@gmail.com.

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