Haute & Cool

A Summer Fashion Guide

Tracee Dundas
Fashion Stylist

Haute & Cool – A Summer Fashion Guide
Fashion Stylist: Tracee Dundas
Photos Courtesy of Each Designer/Retailer

While keeping cool is top priority during a Louisiana summer, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Even on the hottest days, leave the cut off shorts and flip-flops at the beach and follow these summer fashion tips for staying haute, cool, and stylish.

1. Choose a Looser Fit
In this case, less is not more when selecting a perfect summer dress. A loose fit maxi that doesn’t cling to your body will keep you cooler than skimpier outfit options.

2. Go Natural
Retire fabrics like polyester and rayon for the summer and opt for cotton, cotton blends or southern favorite seersucker. These fabrics are more breathable and will wick instead of stick under summer’s humidity.

3. Light is Alright
Let’s be honest, light colors look better under the blazing sun and show off that natural sun kissed glow you acquired. While it’s hard to deviate from eternally fashionable black, this fashion tip is in the science: Dark colors absorb light and heat you up, while light colors reflect the light and allow you to shine.

4. Show a Little Shoulder
The cold shoulder trend has peeked through in past seasons but has reached its all-time high this summer season. It’s flirty, fashion forward, feminine and hides signs of sweat. Couple this fashion with the previous tips of natural fabrics and loose fit for the ultimate summer staple.

5. Keep Accessories Light and Minimal
Summer is not the season for statement necklaces or bulky jewelry. In addition to the heavy look and feeling, these pieces will often stick to the skin and become uncomfortable as your body temperature rises. Keep jewels to a minimum; stick with dainty and lightweight pieces.

6. Style it Up with A Wide Brim Hats
Can’t resist making a statement? The wide brim hat is your pass to skip the subtlety. Plus, this accessory acts as built-in shade and will keep you from getting too much sun on your face.

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