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Ronald Coleman Executive Director NAACP New Orleans Branch

New Orleans Post Katrina/Ida

My cousin Joe Luv III works in Transportation and earns about $38,050.00 yearly, pays his taxes knowing the Government is going to take 12.8% tax rate making his take home $33,176.00. La. St. tax $2,013.00 (Forbes Advisor).

Before Katrina, a 3 Bedroom House rented for $375.00 in 2004-2005. Afterward, there was a 500% increase in 2006 $1350.00 due to HUD Section (8) Housing Voucher Program to assist poverty-stricken families. Cousin Joe is above the poverty threshold for housing assistance, the New Orleans City Council passes the overzealous BLIGHT HOUSING initiative with community activists opposed to the ordinance stating residents still evacuated will lose their property to code enforcement fines and fees. Insurance claims still incomplete and commercial developers will come in and reduce the African American Community. Mayor Ray Nagin let the ordinance become law without his signature.

Hurricane IDA
The government failed the people again, no mandatory evacuation to a population with 41% residents on fixed income and 29% on medical emergency declaration, aftermath No Power food, fuel, and no way out of New Orleans.

On Thursday, September 15, 2005, with Attorney Willie Zanders, we are heading to the Louisiana Department of Education for a New Orleans Public School hearing, I departed to the men’s-restroom went in the toilet stall only to witness Louisiana St. Superintendent Cecil Picard discussing a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with several men only to learn that deal was cut in the men’s room to take over the finances of the district to consulting firm Alvarez & Marshal.

The RSD = Recovery School District
Reorganization of the public schools in New Orleans Pre-Kindergarten to eighth grade, High School Ninth grade to twelfth 2007, Teen Pregnancy increased Programs eliminated Civics, Social Studies, Penmanship, Jr High Musical and Vocational Training, 2010 dropout rates juvenile crime during school hours increased and alternative education (GED) programs upward.

2015 Survey Whites 70% said yes good times in public schools compared to 37% African Americans agreed.
“It is easy to count what had gotten better.

Much harder to measure what has been lost “
We lost Neighborhood schools, Food Service Workers, Janitorial Workers-and General Maintenance Workers Parent Participation is low.

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