Hurricane Zeta’s Wrath Leaves Many Without Power

Eric Connerly Data News Weekly Contributor

Hurricane Zeta, a Category 2 hurricane blew through New Orleans October 28th causing damage and leaving several hundred thousand without power.

Residents throughout the City lost power, with some being restored shortly after the hurricane, but others as of press time do not have electricity.

Charles Dickerson, a resident from Gentilly was without power for several days, “My electricity is back on, but it was a tough few days but things could have been a lot worse. Compared to Katrina as well as the recent storms in Lake Charles, I am a little inconvenienced but feel fortunate that the damage was minimal.”

Jamie Jones, an uptown resident woke up to his neighbor’s shed in his backyard. “The storm hit and I heard a loud noise and when I looked in my back yard an entire shed had been blown into my backyard.”

The storm was rapid and powerful. The local, state and federal government were on one accord and provided information and guidance to residents throughout the storm.

“I feel the City leadership did a good job as well as Entergy in restoring power to many of our resident’s homes. Again, seeing what happened to so many of our people during Katrina because of poor leadership; but in this case we are seeing things happening to get people’s power back on and the City is in recovery mode,” says Charles Dickerson.

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