It’s Never Too Early for Fashion: How to Dress your Infant to Impress

Your new bundle of joy has entered the world and you want nothing but the best for them: best crib, bib, bottle, and Balenciaga booties. Infants are fragile but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. Some of the most high-end brands sell clothing for infants as young as four months. Here are two top brands new mommies and daddies can have their little one taking their first step in style.

Gucci: Gucci’s kids line is well-known, almost as much as they’re high fashion men and women’s clothing. However, Gucci’s newborn line is made for the most fashionable toddler. From their waterproof jacquard to their signature Gucci onesie, a Gucci baby is a fabulous baby.

Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren is one of the classiest lines out, and their infant ensembles follow in their footsteps. The well-known brand recently dropped an all-black infant dress with a white collar and flowy hemline. This ensemble would be great for family dinners, outings, Sunday best and for any occasion where your little one should look her most prim and proper.

So next time you attend a baby shower, a new born visit, or are planning to have a baby, make sure they are stepping into the world with style and grace. You never know, you may be grooming the next top designer, model or stylist. For more on infant brands email

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