Jason Williams Inagurated as New Orleans District Attorney

Edwin Buggage Editor-in-Chief

It was a historic day on January 11, 2020 as newly inaugurated District Attorney Jason Williams was sworn in, promising there will be a new way of doing business at the DA’s office.

During his campaign Williams pledged to reform the office that was racked in controversy under his predecessor Leon Cannizzaro.

“Fighting for victims does not mean stacking up convictions. Fighting for victims does not mean using police and prosecutorial power to intimidate those caught up in the legal system, “said Williams during his inaugural address as he was surrounded by supporters and family members.

Williams is part of a group of DA’s across the country that are reformers, but stressing this does not mean that his office will work hard to keep those who break the public trust to account with the full force of the DA’s power to prosecute those who commit crime.

In his Inaugural address he stated “To be clear we will hold people who harm this community accountable. Let me say that again. We will hold people who harm this community accountable,”Jason Williams is making history as the second African American District Attorney of the City of New Orleans. He promises to be fair but firm and run the office in an efficient and effective manner and keep the people of the City safe.

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