King High School Resurrects Its Mu Lambda Kappa Fraternity

Mentorship Program Returns As COVID-19 Restrictions Are Lifted

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NEW ORLEANS – Dr. M. L. King, Jr. High School has resurrected the Mu Lambda Kappa Fraternity (MLK), after not having a line for three years due to COVID-19 restrictions. MLK is a one-of-a-kind program for high school students in New Orleans.

“The purpose of the MU Lambda Kappa fraternity is to foster mentorship by forming a brotherhood around common goals and aspirations. It is our goal to assist these young men to be pillars in their homes, communities, and wherever they go,” said Clarence Octave, one of the founders of MLK.

MLK was founded on February 21, 2009, after administrators at King High School asked Octave to start a male mentoring program for students. The fraternity began with eight founders known as “The Great Eight:” Clarence Octave, Kerry Pierre, David Foster, Russell King, Darrow Rowe, Amir Elliole, Daryl Person, and Carde McDaniel. The fraternity later became a corporate organization in 2011. The fraternity’s mission is the DREAM: discipline, respect, education, attitude, and mentoring.

Last spring, MLK welcomed its first line of students since its resurrection. The young men were selected based on character, academics, and letters of recommendation. “We would like to thank Hassan Robertson, Chase Taylor, and Malik Cheneau, three graduating seniors who helped carry and pass the torch to our new brothers,” said Octave.

According to Octave, several of the former line members have gone on to join Divine Nine fraternities in college.

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