Marc Morial: Lead The Fight For Justice

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The Fight For Equality
It is these times that the American society is revisiting what it would be in the 21st Century. It is in the spirit that it is necessary for the Civil Rights. One of the leaders who are at the forefront of this continued struggle for equality is Marc Morial, CEO and President of the National Urban League. Recently, Data News Weekly had a conversation with him about the important issues facing Black America.

On this day Morial is living in the spirit of those who came before him. Fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised and making as the Civil Rights icon John Lewis did making good trouble.

“The right to vote is under attack. For example, here in Louisiana the Republican controlled congress that is fighting to not permit another majority Black district in the state.”

This not only a problem in Louisiana, but across the nation. “All over America, this is an issue, as states are attempting to restrict voting, and as we are nearing the mid-term elections, it is important that people recognize that voting matters and that they need get out to the polls and vote. We in the Civil Rights community want to stress that because we cannot let the hands of time be turned back on our progress.”

A Seat at the Table Key to Progress
In the last 30 years the nation has experienced polarization and a lack of cooperation amongst the two major political parties in America. Hence, creating a stalemate in working together around many issues. Especially, those that are surrounding justice and equality. While this is problematic and stifles passing legislation that advances the Civil Rights Agenda, Morial believes voting is one of the ways to level the playing field for the disenfranchised.

“We cannot change the things that need to be done to fix some of the major issues in disenfranchised communities if we do not have a seat at the table. We have to push because voting is fundamental to democracy and everything else.”

Civil Rights in the 21st Century
Morial along with other Civil Rights leaders, using different methods to spread their message of building better communities and opportunities for Black Americans. Indeed, these efforts are necessary, given the times are eerily similar to the post-reconstruction era, where Whites through many nefarious tactics stripped Black people leading to Jim Crow being the law of the land for over half a century in the southern states in the country. And while, not on the books in other states during this dark time in American history, Black people across the nation found routes to upward mobility limited.

For this reason, the Civil Rights Movement has been revitalized and has a direction aimed at continuing to right the wrongs of a nation founded on the right of all people to be treated equal. Meetings are taking place with the Biden Administration, where Morial feels they are doing great job in pushing a Civil Rights Agenda where they can.

“Without much support from Republicans, President Biden and the Democrats in the House and Senate are working hard to move our agenda forward. The President is working with us, and we are optimistic thus in what he’s done this far. While understanding we have a long way to go to make things equal for all Americans. It is a fight we will continue, and we will win.”

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